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I have been a nurse for 30 years in long term care. Now don't make that face! I believe we need to care for our elderly and they deserve a loving, dignified end of life experience. I am married to the most wonderful man in the world for 18 years. I have no children of my own, but due to my step-sons I have a wonderful 5 year old grandson! I am mom to 2 17 year old cats and a BIG black lab/great dane Buddy (yes he weighs 146 lbs) that is either the dumbest or smartest dog around! LOL

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Long time no post!

well as you can see it has been a long long time since I posted! LOL My FLAK is left in purgatory for now, just haven't had the ambition and/or bravery to get it out and give it another shot! Besides, I have a bunch of baby things to get done! Everyone is having babies it seems. I have been asked about the sweater set that I did for the Olympics. It is called Suzanne's Matinee Jacket and you can only get it by joining Babysweaters and last I knew there was a waiting list to join! It really is my favorite type of sweater, raglan sleeves knit from the top down, not a bunches of "pieces" to sew together!

I am doing another one now, called Rindy's Raglan top down sweater for a co-worker that is having a little boy, such a soft blue! I haven't found the hat and booties/socks I want to do with it yet, but as soon as I sew the buttons on, I will post a pic. Oh and sorry, that pattern is in the files of Babysweaters too! Next on my list is to finally sew together and put buttons on mint green Beribboned sweater, and then I will post that. Ohhhhhhh and I have to get the pattern for Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket! ohhhhhhhh you should see the variations that Rindy does on that one! I hope Rindy won't mind me putting the URL to her pictures here. I will have to ask her! Rindy

On the health front, and here is the real reason I haven't been updating!
I am still in Back HELL! I am taking a break from Physical Therapy, cause I am just sooo discouraged! I did visit the pain clinic, and the doc there says that it is my sacral-iliac joint that is unstable and causing most of the pain. hmmmmmmmm ok, soooooooo I have had one injection into the SI joint with probably 5 more to follow, and along with that! about six injections into the L-5 area, not sure if it is into the disc or not. Spring is here, and I soooooooo want to do thorough, deep spring cleaning, but nooooooooooooo, if I clean, I won't be able to work, so I am stuck just doing the lick and a promise that started back in September. All the winter yuk is building up and I am NOT happy!

And just to add to the fun, my DH has severe emphysema, last year he wound up in the hospital and I almost lost him. The solumedrol they gave me IV to help the inflammation so he could breath, sent him into another world where monsters and snakes and spiders live! Also a good dose of paranoia, he wouldn't take any meds unless I was there to tell him it was ok. So he came home on 6L of O2 and nebulizers every 4 hours. He did really well and we were able to decrease the O2 to 2L. Yesterday morning he wakes with body shaking chills. Yup you guessed it, Fever of 104, lungs sounds were disgusting with every rale, rhonchi, crackle and wheeze you could imagine. Here comes super nurse!!!!!!!!!! LOL Gave him the only 2 tylenol in the house, made him do a neb treatment, then ran to the store for advil (works better on fevers) and mucinex to thin the secretions,hounded him to take my vitamin C and zinc. And insisted on nebs every 4 hours. I even came home last night on my lunch break to check on him. This morning his lungs sound good and no temp! yeah!!!!!!! but as I told him, " I am the nurse, the doctor, and your mother today, you WILL do everything I tell you too unless you want to vist the hospital again. So far so good! Well off to catch a few hours of sleep.
Hope to post some pics shortly!