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I have been a nurse for 30 years in long term care. Now don't make that face! I believe we need to care for our elderly and they deserve a loving, dignified end of life experience. I am married to the most wonderful man in the world for 18 years. I have no children of my own, but due to my step-sons I have a wonderful 5 year old grandson! I am mom to 2 17 year old cats and a BIG black lab/great dane Buddy (yes he weighs 146 lbs) that is either the dumbest or smartest dog around! LOL

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Back from being MIA

Ok, like a lot of other things in my life, I swore I was going to keep up this blog........didn't happen! LOL But I am now back and just wanted to do a small update!
First off, many many people have asked about my patient in the previous post, thankfully he went home the day after I wrote that post, so he is no longer suffering. However it truly has taken me much longer to get over the trauma!

Now on to knitting! I have started many projects and again, finished none! I have a baby sweater almost done for a friend, but haven't had the ambition to finish. It is HOT here in Western NY. Well today it is much cooler, but it will only last a few days.

I received a wonderful package in the mail yesterday from my swap partner Fran! OHHHHHHHH it is gorgeous! A BIG cake of sock yarn in a wonderful blue color way with some cream and green, and 2 wonderful cakes of soap that she made herself! If you could just smell how wonderful they are! I plan on using one for my shower this morning, just can't figure out which one!

The picture just doesn't do justice to the yarn, the colors are really gorgeous!
Thank you Fran!

Now speaking of socks, I have yet to finish a sock. I was tooling along having a grand time last night on Jeanne Townsends Pretty Petals ( I joined the KAL but um decided I needed to start before August 1, good thing too!) when I notice a long strip of yarn on the inside of my sock. Apparently while fighting with 4 dpn's the yarn got in between and around and made quite the mess. I refused to panic. So I gingerly removed all 4 dpn and began to frog to that area. So far so good, but trying to put the stitches back on with all the yarn overs and k2tog and psso, I found it impossible. So I frogged the whole thing and put it away. I will give it another go, but needed to chill for the night.

As soon as I remember how I will put the button for the Pretty Petals KAL on the sidebar along with the button for the MSampler KAL. Oh and I promise to take a picture of the sampler to date. We are on pattern 4 and it is so pretty! Well I need to shower and get the day going, I will be back as promised this time. LOL REALLY!